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Policy statement

Little Rockets recognises that a balance between the low risk of misuse and the numerous, positive results of colourful, well produced pre-school material is necessary.


    Little Rockets will only take and use images that are appropriate and are considered to be safe from misuse.
    Parents will be made aware of why their child’s picture has been taken, and how long it will be used for.
    Photographs will only be taken by Little Rockets staff, using the nursery camera or by parents of children at Little Rockets during special events only.
    The photographs will only be printed or published on our website by Amanda Saunders or Trevor Butler.
    If an image of a child is used on our website, the child’s name will not be published.
    Parents and carers will be asked to sign an agreement that any photographs they take during nursery activities will not be used inappropriately, or published on the World Wide Web.
    Little Rockets will take extra precautions to ensure that only appropriate images are used for our website.
    Parents and carers can withdraw their consent to all or part of the images agreement at any time, in writing to Amanda Saunders or Trevor Butler, allowing up to 24 hours for the request to be actioned. 

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