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Babies and Toddlers Policy 


At Little Rockets Childcare we ensure that care is taken to ensure that babies/toddlers in our care are safe from harm.  We do this by ensuring that they:

    do not have access to activities containing small pieces, which could be swallowed or otherwise injure the child
    potties should be washed and disinfected after every use
    each baby must have his/her own bedding. Cot mattresses must meet safety
    babies under two years should not be given pillows, cot bumpers or any soft
furnishings to prevent risk of suffocation
    all highchairs should be fitted with restraints and used at all times
    babies should never be left propped up with bottles as it is both dangerous and inappropriate
    babies sleeping outside must be supervised at all times (cat/fly nets to be used on prams)
    sleep checks to be completed every 10 minutes. These are to be documented with the time and staff initials on the sleep check form
    staff should not change nappies whilst pregnant.

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