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Eastbourne Nursery Information

Opening Hours

Monday: 08:30 until 14:30

Tuesday:  08:30 until 15:00

Wednesday: 08:30 until 15:00

Thursday: 08:30 until 15:00

Friday: 08:30 until 15:00

Little Rockets 10 Year Birthday

On 25th February 2020 Little Rockets had it's 10th birthday.  We gathered all the staff and children that were in on that day and took a commemorative photo (see using the link below).  We want to thank all the Parents, Staff and, of course, all the children, who make working at our nursery so much fun!


We use an online learning journal called Famly (no spelling mistake here….it’s not fam-i-ly).  When we put your child’s information on the system you will be emailed with details of how to set up an account with them so you can access your child’s profile.  It is totally interactive and you can add family members to the account, update contact details, add photos and observations of your own etc.  Some of the key features are listed below.

Key Features

  • Fully encrypted, GDPR-compliant app that allows you and your child's setting to access important information quickly.

  • You can report sickness, holidays, and update permissions, without the need for paperwork or a phone call.

  • Access pictures, videos, observations and announcements via the newsfeed, your child’s profile, and direct messages.

  • Stay involved in your child’s day with real-time updates straight to your phone

Terms and Conditions
Please use the link below to access our terms and conditions

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