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Policy statement

Little Rockets, whilst understanding the problems of head lice infestations, wishes to protect uninfected children and staff to the best of their ability.

If a case of head lice is noticed, or if Little Rockets staff are informed of a case of head lice, then the manager  will hand out a general notice to all the parents, asking to check their child’s hair and treat any head lice found.


If a child is sent into Little Rockets with visible signs of infestation the manager will:

    Hand out a notice to all parents informing them that head lice have been noticed on the premises, and asking them to check their child’s hair and treat them accordingly.
    Inform the parents of the infestation and ask that the child is removed from the nursery to be treated; they may return as soon as they have received treatment.

We would like to point out that head lice is a common problem amongst young children.  It does not mean that parents have been neglectful or dirty.  Any problems concerning head lice will be dealt with discreetly and with confidentiality.

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