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Policy statement

Little Rockets believes in sun safety to ensure that children and staff are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultra-violet rays in sunlight.


As part of the sun safety policy our nursery will ask all parents to ensure that their children wear appropriate clothing that provide good sun protection and sun hats.  Parents should apply sunscreen lotion, of a minimum PF factor of 25, prior to the child’s arrival at the nursery.  They must also provide sunscreen lotion individually labelled with the child’s name.  If the child needs sunscreen lotion reapplied during the course of the day, the children will be encouraged to reapply it themselves, with the help of the staff, subject to a permission slip being signed by the parent and returned to the nursery.

We also provide sun cream, for a nominal fee, which we can assist the children in applying with parents consent.

Parents will be reminded of our Sun Safety policy through newsletters, posters and activities for the children.

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