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Emergency Closure Policy

Little Rockets Childcare will only close in the most extreme of circumstances. These include:
• Excessive snow
• Flooding
• Communicable diseases where advised to by the health    protection agency.

Full payment of fees will be due in the case of closure due to snow or communicable diseases. Closure due to flooding will be charged at half price.

In the case of closure due to snow, an announcement will be made on our Facebook page and our website.  The nursery will only close if the staff ratio to children is not within the legal requirements or if it is deemed unsafe for staff and children to travel to the nursery. Normal fees will still be charged.

In the case of a communicable disease the setting will take advice from the Health Protection Agency on 08450552022,

The nursery management will inform the Early Years Team at St Marks House if the nursery is to close and of the expected period of closure.

A phone call/text or email will be sent to parents informing them of the closure and what action has been advised. Following this a letter will be sent out to all parents informing them of the closure and the expected length of closure. Parents will also be given information on where to get advice.

If staff members are well enough then they will be asked to carry out a deep clean of the premises and equipment.  There will be continued liaison with the health protection and the Early Years Team.

OFSTED will be informed of any closure due to a communicable disease and informed of reopening dates.

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