Policy statement
    Little Rockets Childcare require that all fees be paid either weekly, monthly, half-termly or termly in advance.

    Before each term, all parents receive a written letter stating the hours we are expecting their child / children to attend weekly, whether their child / children are EYEE funded or not, and how much the individual fees for their child / children will be for the coming term.

    The invoice states what day the fees are payable and the minimum amount payable on that day.

    Little Rockets expects all parents to keep up-to-date with their fees, and reserve the right to exclude any family becoming more than one week in arrears.

    Little Rockets  will notify any parents falling into arrears verbally and then in writing.

    Little Rockets  will treat any request to catch up on arrears with sympathy, provided any financial arrangement is kept.

    All parents are notified on their invoice that, in all circumstances, fees must be paid in full by the end of each term.  Little Rockets Childcare reserves the right to exclude any child / children whose fees are not up-to-date by the end of each term.


Fees paid by cash

    Fees can be paid on a daily basis, at the beginning and end of each session.

    The manager, or nominated staff member, taking cash fees must count the amount out in front of the payer, and a receipt issued immediately with the date, amount paid, child’s name and cash payment stated.

    All receipts are to be signed by the staff member taking payments.

    If any error is made on the receipt, then this should be crossed out and signed by the person writing the receipt.

    The fee payments will be kept in a locked cash box, and not left unattended at any time.  Monies will be emptied frequently and paid into the nominated bank account.

    The receipts and fees forms will be collated and kept.

Under and / or over payment of fees

    An overpayment may be carried onto the next week’s fees sheet, and the amount owed for that week amended to reflect any extra monies taken.
    Any overpayment at the end of a half-term will be refunded to the payee.  This will be recorded in the cash box and a receipt will be signed by the manager and the parent receiving the funds.
    An underpayment will be carried over to the following week’s fees sheet and the amount owed for that week amended to reflect the shortfall.


Fees paid by bank transfer

  • The bank details for Little Rockets is included on every invoice or upon request. 

  • Parents should use their child's name as a reference so we can match the payment to the child

  • Invoices should be paid within 7 days of receipt

Late payment

    Should the fees remain unpaid by the end of the second week, Little Rockets will ask that the child / children do not attend the setting until payment is made in full.  A late payment fee will be charged which is currently £20.00 (although we reserve the right to alter this amount at any time).  the late payment fee can be charged for each outstanding week we do not receive payment

    In the event of the payment still not made by the end of the third week then the child’s / children’s place will be withdrawn.  In addition, the owner will pursue the matter and court action will be taken, if required.