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Policy statement

Children’s safety is a high priority during the busy drop off and collection periods.  To ensure that the children are kept safe, Little Rockets Childcare staff use the following procedures.


    Parents are to enter Little Rockets Childcare via the main front entrance .  Any parent/carer that has to drop off or collect their child outside of normal hours should ring the bell at the front entrance and wait. 
    A member of staff will stand on the door to let parents and children in and out of the premises.
    The manager or nominated member of staff will sign each child in and out of their session using the register.
    Parents must inform staff as to who is collecting their child (this person must be authorised on the registration form).
    Staff will ensure that children will only leave the nursery with an authorised adult.
    Children remain the responsibility of the parent/carer during drop off and collection times. 
    In an emergency if you are unable to collect your child and need to ask someone that is not on the registration form you must telephone the nursery and inform staff and issue a pass word to the person that will be collecting your child. 

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