March Newsletter


Welcome back

Welcome back to the new term, this is an exciting time for us as Little Rockets has turned 10 years old!!  We are hoping that the weather improves, and the children will be able to learn about the changes that occur during Spring, without being blown away! We are looking forward to celebrating World book day and Mothers day this term too.


World Book Day

Thursday 5th March is World book day and we would like to invite your child to come to nursery dressed as their favourite book character or bring their favourite book to nursery to share with their friends.


Fees and charges

As you know, our fees changed at the beginning of January and the consumable charge was introduced. I would like to remind all parents that, now you have confirmed what hours your child is attending nursery, these are the hours that we charge to either EYEE funding or to yourselves for invoicing.  Even if your child does not attend due to sickness or holiday, we will still charge for those times.  This is to ensure that we always have the correct amount of staff on duty at all times.  The consumable fee is charged for every time your child is booked to attend the nursery (£1.00 each time even if they do not attend). 


Term dates:

We will be closing for term time only children on Friday 27th March for the Easter break and we reopen on Monday 20th April - for all other children who attend all year round we will be open as normal, apart from Good Friday 10th April and Easter Monday 13th April.

Summer holidays: we will be closed to all children from Friday 21st August until Monday 7th September 2020 for our summer holiday shut down.



Little Rockets has a Facebook page, if you haven’t already found us on Facebook and liked our page please do as we post regular updates and nursery news on there.


Air Ambulance Crisp packet collections

We will be continuing to collect the children’s crisp packets from lunch time and recycling them to raise funds for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance. We would love to receive your empty crisp packet donations from home too!!  For full details of the scheme please visit: This is such a good cause wotsits close to our hearts.



If you would like to purchase uniform for your little ones, then it is available to order from My Clothing at


Spare clothes and toilet training

 Please can we ask that you bring a bag containing spare clothes to nursery each day as the children do at times get messy and wet from the sensory activities, they take part in. If your child is toilet training please remember to provide plenty of spare clothes, socks and shoes too!! Although we regularly encourage children to go to the toilet, as you know, accidents do sometimes happen!!  If you are given clothes from the nursery, please can they be washed and returned as soon as possible as we are now running out of clothes for the children at nursery.


Labelling belongings

 We have a large number of children attending nursery during the week, please therefore, can we request that you label all of your child’s belongings including: lunch boxes, water bottles, changing bag and coats etc. This is so that the staff are able to find your children’s belongings whilst they are at nursery.


Mobile phones

 In order to safeguard the children in our care we would like to remind you that the use of mobile phones is not permitted inside the nursery including the corridors.