Christmas Concert

This year we are holding our Christmas concert on Thursday 19th December. If Thursday is a day your child attends Little Rockets, we are inviting you to come along to watch your child sing some Christmas songs. This is going to be a day that your child will need to dress up, they may have a specific part in our play and we will be asking parents to source particular costumes. Any problems finding an outfit please come speak to Keely or Berrie where we will do our very best to help you find one. Our concert will start promptly at 10am. Please can parents arrive with all children by 9.45am


Christmas Party Day

We will be having our Christmas party day on Friday 20th December this will be our last day of term. Nearer the time there will be a party food list out in the hallway for you all to kindly contribute to by putting your name down for something. Thank you. We will all be wearing our Christmas outfits/ Jumpers this day.


Christmas cards

Our post box will be out every morning now up until we break up for Christmas. This is a chance for your children who would like to write and share Christmas cards with their friends. Come and post them and we will make sure we deliver them to everyone.

Parent board

This is the blue board in the corridor and is out every single day. Please make sure you check this as myself and Berrie will always endeavour to put up all up and coming dates and events as well as anything you may need to know.. Newsletters will be available on there also for you to help yourself to one to take home if you so wish. This will also show Letters and Sounds that your children are currently working on so it is full of useful information. Thank you.

Cold Weather

As you are well aware it has become very cold now. We love to get outside as much as possible so could I please remind all parents to send your children with their warm winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves now please. Thank you.

Contact details

Please tell us if any of your details change. Phone number’s, home addresses or email’s please. Thank you.

Healthy Eating

As part of our ongoing involvement in the national food trust campaign we ask all families to bring along a healthy food to donate for your child’s snack time. This gives them the opportunity to share with others and try new foods. It has been really successful and we have enjoyed lots of varieties of fruit and vegetables that you kindly donated. The children have also been enjoying an array of dried snacks breadsticks, rice crackers, cereals. Thank you for all your kind donations please continue to support us with this. Many Thanks.


If your child is unwell please do not bring them to nursery to avoid spreading the illness to other children and staff. If your child does become unwell while at nursery we will contact you to pick them up as soon as possible so the illness does not spread. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please do not return to nursery until they are 48 hours free from illness. Please remember to always ring or message the nursery phone to let us know if your child won’t be attending their session that day.

Spare clothes and toilet training

Please can we ask that you bring a bag containing spare clothes to nursery each day as the children do at times get messy and wet from the sensory activities they take part in. If your child is toilet training please remember to provide plenty of spare clothes, socks and shoes too!! Although we regularly encourage children to go to the toilet as you know accidents do sometimes happen!!

Lunch boxes

Please can we request that you don’t send your child to nursery with peanut butter in their sandwiches as we have several children with nut allergies who attend the nursery. May we also remind you that your child’s packed lunch must contain an ice pack to meet with legal requirements of food safety.

Term dates

Thursday 19th December -  Christmas Concert

Friday      20th December -  Party Day/  Last day of term

Monday    6th   January   -  Start of new term


Many thanks,


Keely & the nursery team