March Newsletter



World Book Day

Thursday 5th March we would like to ask if your children would like to come dressed up as a character from their favourite book. Do you have the book also? If so, perhaps you could bring that along too. There will be a prize for the best dressed.


Easter fun open afternoon

We would like to invite you to join us for some Easter fun on Friday 27th March which is the last day of term.  We will be playing a variety of games and having an Easter egg hunt out in the garden or field opposite (fingers crossed for good weather). The fun will begin at 10.00am and hopefully the morning will be very eggciting!! Children who do not usually attend on a Friday are welcome to come along, but we would ask that you stay and enjoy the fun with us so that we stay in adult/child ratios. If you would like to join us please let Keely or Karen know. Thank you.


Consumable Fees

A polite reminder to all parents that the consumable fees are due each term and are payable for each day your child is scheduled to come in. This means that even if they do not attend a day due to sickness or holiday, payment will still be due as normal. Any problems with paying or questions regarding this matter please speak to Keely as any late payments may incur a late payment charge.


Little Rockets Spare Clothes

A growing number of parents are not bringing back our spare clothes. If your child is being sent home in our spare clothes then please be kind enough to wash and bring them back as soon as possible. Further to this, if every parent could please make sure their child has their own bag containing spare clothes each time they attend please. The children do, at times, get messy from the sensory activities they take part in. Also if your child is toilet training please remember to provide lots of spare clothes socks and shoes too! Although we regularly encourage the children to go to toilet as you know accidents sometimes do happen.



If your child is unwell please do not bring them to nursery to avoid spreading the illness to other children and staff. If your child does become unwell while at nursery, we will contact you to pick them up as soon as possible so the illness does not spread. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please do not return to nursery until they are 48 hours free from illness.



Don’t forget Little Rockets has a Facebook page, we use it to remind parents of important events at nursery and to post photos of the children, we would really welcome your suggestions on what you would like to see on the Facebook page as it has been created with parents in mind, your input is vital so that we can make the page useful for parents.  To access the page just follow the link from Little Rockets Childcare website. 


Lunch boxes 

Please can we request that you don’t send your child to nursery with peanut butter in their sandwiches as we have several children with nut allergies who attend the nursery. May we also remind you that your child’s packed lunch must contain an ice pack to meet with legal requirements of food safety.


 Term dates

Last day of term – Friday 27th March

First day back -  Monday 20th April



Many thanks,


Keely & the nursery team